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To Tell You the Truth - CD

To Tell You the Truth - CD

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Willi Carlisle - To Tell You the Truth - CD 

Featuring popular oldtime pieces, never-before-heard compositions and hollered ballads, "To Tell You the Truth" is a vulnerable and intimate solo album.

Track Listing

1. Free Little Bird (trad.)

2. Angels

3. What the Rocks Don't Know

4. Prospect

5. Boy Howdy, Hot Dog!

6. Kristin on the Side

7. The Cuckoo (trad.)

8. The Bear

9. A Certain Kind of Fool

10. Blueprints for Heaven

11. Warfare (trad.)

12. 30th Year

Recorded live at Homestead Recording in 2018.

Released May 12, 2018

Produced, Mixed, Mastered, and Recorded by Eric Witthans at Homestead Recording in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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